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Flower Agate Bracelet

Flower Agate Bracelet

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Bead size: 6mm

Flower Agate is a great partner for self-growth. Flower Agate enables you to grow and reach your full potential. It has a gentle and encouraging energy that will wrap you and  serve as a powerful protector from your thought of limitation, fears, doubts, and anxiety. Flower Agate inspires you to manifest and focus on your dreams. Flower Agate will fill you with a passion to live life to the fullest and keep moving forward. It is known to be one of the best crystals for new “bosses,” entrepreneurs looking for their business to flourish, and for those beginning a new endeavors.

You will receive a bracelet similar to the one in the photo. It will be charged with our singing bowls, Palo Santo and a Violet Flame blessing

Size, Shape and color of stone varies due to each being unique. All bracelets are handmade.


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